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Comprehensive Hair Removal Education

Learn brow shaping, facial waxing, and body waxing

Learn To Wax…

As a premiere Esthetician school, we are dedicated to providing an extensive and hands-on education in the art of waxing for our aspiring estheticians. We offer a variety of services for our clients, performed by our qualified students under the close supervision of our experienced instructors. Our comprehensive waxing curriculum will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in the field of aesthetics.

Learn from industry experts…

At The Skin Care Professionals Academy of Floriday (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy), our expert instructors are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the esthetics industry. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping students master the essential techniques, best practices, and safety procedures related to waxing. Our curriculum covers:

1. Hair Removal Theory: Understanding the hair growth cycle, types of waxing, and essential care before and after waxing.

2. Hair Removal Techniques: Learn various hair removal methods, including strip waxing, hard waxing, and sugaring.

3. Skin analysis: Determine the appropriate waxing method and type of wax for different skin types and sensitivities.

4. Sanitation and Hygiene: Maintain a clean and safe environment to prevent infection and ensure client comfort. 

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A program that fits your life...


Our mission is to make you a well-rounded, marketable, and highly efficient Esthetician… in 300 hours. As much as we would love to inflate our program and keep you longer, we also know how important it is for you to get back to your lives and get working. Get in, get out, get to work – let’s do this!


Going to school is a big step. Choosing to take time away from your family, friends, and profession is not an easy decision. Your time is important to us, and with our flexible schedules, you’ll be able to fit school into a busy life. 

Day Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:30am – 4:30pm

On the day schedule, your license will take approximately 14 weeks

Night Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00pm – 9:30pm

Ask us about flexible start times due to work schedules

On the night schedule, your license will take approximately 16.5 weeks


How much is school going to cost you? Although they say a great education is invaluable, we all know when it comes to our personal budgets – that isn’t always the case. 

Our program offers competitive pricing with other local beauty schools in the SWFL region. A Facial Specialty License can run anywhere between $3,000 – and $15,000… We’re proud to say we’re on the lower end of that spectrum. 

But we’re still not telling you how much school is going to cost you! Well, that’s because blurting out a number that has no context, no value behind it, doesn’t help anyone. There’s just no way for you to understand the value of your education unless you come by and see the program for yourself. Tour with us and let us talk you through why we do what we do, why we’re set up the way we’re set up, and let us see if we are a good fit for you, but also if you are a good fit for us.


Pay as you go:

We offer easy-to-manage monthly payment plans to fit your budget.


Since we’ve opted to keep a short program of only 300 hours so our students can get out there and start working – we do not qualify for federal financial aid. Instead, we work with payment plans and personal lending to help get you financed!

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