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Esthetician & Massage School Mission

To inspire future spa professionals with a fun, relevant, interactive, and immersive learning experience, while preparing them for gainful employment in the beauty, spa, and wellness industry. The Skin Care Academy (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy) aims to prepare students through technical and professional training, while holistically grooming students for a sustainable career in the industry.

Not Your Grandma's Esthetician and Massage Skincare School

We’re all about teaching you the newest, most relevant industry standards while simultaneously preparing you for your professional career in one of the most rewarding and abundant industries out there.

Laura Lorusso

Laura Lorusso founded The Skin Care Academy of Florida (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy) in 2020 and it has become the fastest growing and one of the most well-recognized Esthetician education brands in the country.

After succeeding at the highest levels in the industry including:

  • Opening five multi-million dollar Wellness and Spa projects in Collier and Lee County

  • Completing advanced Esthetics training in 2008

  • Directing some of the Naples’ areas most exclusive spas

  • Opening her own successful boutique spa, Enchanted Spa since 2017

  • Competing nationally in beauty and SFX makeup competitions including being featured on TLC’s TV Show – Global Beauty Masters in 2015

  • Opening her own successful continuing education facility to help and mentor professionals who were already licensed
  • Becoming Licensed in Electrology and Laser Technology

She saw a need in the market – a high quality esthetician school with a relevant and immersive spa environment that ensured students had an empowering experience while preparing them for a successful career in the spa industry.

Voted 2023 Best Beauty School in Bonita Springs!

Our Core Values…

Students First - Always And Forever...

I know, I know… they all say that. And I think they all mean it. So how are WE different? Well, first of all…

You are not a number, ever. You are a professional in the making. You are the future of the industry. We are here to get you to the finish line. We are here to see you succeed. We are here – for you, always. Even after you graduate. Once you’re an alumni, you’re family forever.

Dynamic Curriculum Is Key To Making Dynamic Pro's...

We are FIRM believers that if you’re having fun, you’re learning. Therefore, you can bet our curriculum is student-centered and super interactive. Lessons are fun, immersive, and always IN PERSON.

I’m not sayin’ it’s always a cake-walk. But I am sayin’ we’re going to have a heck of a lot of fun teaching you things that will resignate for the rest of your career. And we love that! 

Boutique Classes Are Where It's At...

What are boutique class sizes? We will max classes out at 10 students. That’s all, folks. 10 students allow for the perfect 1:1 time with the instructor.

Boutique class sizes allow for more teacher time, more clinic time for everyone, and more practice time on each other. You learn together as a group and help each other get to the finish line. 

Students First - Always And Forever...

It’s all about getting as much practice in school as possible, therefore, students are hands-on from DAY TWO, and continue to work with their hands until the last day of school.

Students will start taking outside clients starting week three. Practice makes the best Spa Professional possible!

Preparation For The Workforce Is The Name Of The Game

No one goes to school because it’s just so fun lol. We go to school to change our lives, our career paths, and ultimately to get a job. In our school, we spend our time preparing you for the industry ahead.

-Clinics and practice take place in a real spa setting, made to build client relationships

-Students senior project will be to create an online portfolio of work so they have plenty of content to go into the industry with

-Business mastery skills are added to the back half of the program and give them the knowledge of job hunting, resume building, business owning, and marketing 

Working With Award-Winning Product Lines

No one wants to learn on sub-par products. Often times, students learn on products that aren’t relevant or don’t make a lasting impression. The Skin Care Academy, students will be learning on Eminence Organic Skin Care, which is known industry-wide for their quality training and amazing techniques. Learning on Eminence helps make our students more marketable and helps increase their understanding of products, ingredients, and protocols. 

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

— e. e. cummings

Ready to be part of the family?

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