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How to renew your Facial License in Florida?

It’s not always an easy answer to find: How to renew my Facial Specialty license in Florida.

Seeing as we’re in the education game to help ALL estheticians, not just our graduates, I figured I’d write a post to help you navigate the complexities of renewing your skin care license.

First and foremost, when you first submitted your application for a facial specialty or full specialty license, you did so with the Department of Business Professional Regulations (or DBPR). This was done by creating a profile on This profile holds your license information and will be key for renewing your license.

Depending on the year you were originally licensed, it will be your responsibility to renew every other year. So, if you were licensed on an even year – then your renewal will be every even year. If you were licensed in 2023, your renewal won’t be until 2025.

Typically, you will receive an email from the DBPR announcing that it’s time to renew your license several months before the expiration (October). I would highly suggest you #1.) check that your email is up to date with the DBPR and #2.) As soon as you receive the email, renew it. Don’t wait!

There are two steps to renew.

Step One: Log into and select “Renew my license”. The fee will be somewhere around $45.

Step Two: Complete a 10-hour CE course in Facial Specialty.

BUT, and read carefully, your 10-hour course HAS TO BE A STATE APPROVED CE COURSE. You cannot just take any 10-hour program and be like, “yep, I’m done.” There is a big difference between you getting additional certification courses for extra education, and a STATE APPROVED CE COURSE.

The state of Florida (among other states) does not regulate certification courses. Any Joe-Schmoe can create a certification course and ‘certify’ you in that modality. I could certify you in eyebrow raising if I wanted to. Zero regulations. However, when it comes to license renewal, the state does want you to HAVE to learn very specific things and therefore they DO regulate the state CE courses. These courses can be in person, but you can also do them very easily online.

If you choose to do your CE courses online, you can find a ‘state approved CE course provider list” on your portal.

One such is where you can get your CE courses. Please be advised that you will need to sign up for your classes by using you EXACT name as it appears on your Facial/Full Specialty license, and you will need your FS license number (this is on your license or you can find it on your portal). After you complete your “10-Hr Facial/Full Specialty CE Course” you will receive a certification via email and the DBPR will automatically receive a certification as well.

Within a few weeks, you should receive an updated Facial/Full Specialist license via email and voila! You’re good for another two years.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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