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An Evolved & Exciting Massage Program

Let’s be frank:

The Skin Care Academy of Florida (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy) is not your grandmother’s skin care school. We are dedicated to teaching you the newest and most relevant industry standards, while preparing you for your career in one of the most rewarding and abundant industries in existence.

What makes us so different? Our program is based on something we call foundational learning. That means we take you through theoretical discussions that are combined with corresponding practical work in a way that builds your educational knowledge from the ground up… like the foundations of a home. You don’t start the first day with chemical peels. You will never be thrown into a class that is halfway through the electrical chapter.

We start with skincare basics + facial basics, and then as you understand your basics we level it up, and up, and up! This provides a complete educational experience that makes you think like an esthetician. Don’t get us wrong, we are not sissies. Children’s gloves are turned off. From the moment you walk in the door, you are a spa professional and will be treated as such. We offer an intense and immersive facial specialty program that takes you into the world of facials from day one.

The coursework includes all of the Board of Cosmetology requirements, multiplied by one hundred, and we condense it all into 300 hours. If you sign up for our class, here’s a tip: sharpen your pencil and get ready. We like to laugh. We like to learn. And we LOVE skincare. Are you ready? 

We would love to have you for a tour of our beautiful campus. Learn all about our program, meet our wonderful students and instructors, and see if The Skin Care Academy of Florida (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy) is right for you!

What our students think...

A program that fits your life…


Our mission is to make you a well-rounded, marketable, and highly efficient Esthetician… in 300 hours. As much as we would love to inflate our program and keep you longer, we also know how important it is for you to get back to your lives and get working. Get in, get out, get to work – let’s do this!


Going to school is a big step. Choosing to take time away from your family, friends, and profession is not an easy decision. Your time is important to us, and with our flexible schedules, you’ll be able to fit school into a busy life.

Day Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9:30am – 4:30pm

On the day schedule, your license will take approximately 14 weeks


Night Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00pm – 9:30pm

Ask us about flexible start times due to work schedules

On the night schedule, your license will take approximately 16.5 weeks  


How much is school going to cost you? Although they say a great education is invaluable, we all know when it comes to our personal budgets – that isn’t always the case.

Our program offers competitive pricing with other local beauty schools in the SWFL region. A Facial Specialty License can run anywhere between $3,000 – and $15,000… We’re proud to say we’re on the lower end of that spectrum.

But we’re still not telling you how much school is going to cost you! Well, that’s because blurting out a number that has no context, no value behind it, doesn’t help anyone. There’s just no way for you to understand the value of your education unless you come by and see the program for yourself. Tour with us and let us talk you through why we do what we do, why we’re set up the way we’re set up, and let us see if we are a good fit for you, but also if you are a good fit for us.  


Pay as you go:

We offer easy-to-manage monthly payment plans to fit your budget.


Since we’ve opted to keep a short program of only 300 hours so our students can get out there and start working – we do not qualify for federal financial aid. Instead, we work with payment plans and personal lending to help get you financed! 

Small Class Sizes

We’re not here to pack you in like sardines as some other schools do. We’re here to create the next top estheticians. We know small, intimate class-sizes are the key to a great education. It’s only through hands-on teaching by experienced professionals that leads to the best educational and quality outcomes. You’re a reflection of us – and when you’re out in the world killing it for this industry – we want you to be as properly equipped and knowledgeable about the esthetician industry as possible.

That’s why we’ our class sizes are no more than 10 students currently. 

Ready to be part of the family?

Student Application:

Due to our small class sizes and limited enrollments, classes fill up fast. If you’d like to be considered for enrollment immediately, fill out our student application and an Admissions Representative will contact you to set up your enrollment date.
High School Information

As per the state of Florida, licensed professionals must have a High School diploma, GED or equivalent. Please provide name of High School, state, and year of graduation.