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Ready to embark on an exciting career in the spa, skincare, esthetician or massage therapy industry? Our top-of-the-line program, designed by top professionals in the industry in a boutique friendly environment will help you excell! 

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Looking For A Facial or Massage Program?

The Skin Care Academy of Florida (Formerly Spa Professionals Academy) is not your typical beauty school. We are dedicated to teaching the most relevant industry standards, while preparing spa professionals for a career in one of the most rewarding and abundant industries.


The Skin Care Academy Difference:

Choosing the right program for you is tough. Let’s get to the point – what makes us so different? Let’s count the ways….

1. You’re not a number – you’re family. We don’t take for granted the time you’re willing to spend bettering yourself, nor the funding you’re willing to put into that. Every day in class you’re learning and growing!

2. We care about the ongoing success of our alumni for the length of their career and offer various programs specific to our alumni only. Things like: Scholarships toward additional licensed programs, opportunities to join our business incubator program, discounts on certification courses, ability to audit any class they want for free, lifelong mentorship, and discounts on retail and services.

3. Our programs are expertly crafted to build your knowledge as you go – not just throw you in.

4. We have small class sizes to optimize your learning experience.

5. Our classrooms are comfortable and designed to make you feel like home.

6. Flexible schedules and payment plans.

7. The products we teach with are world renowned and purposefully chosen to assist our alumni in the job market.

8. The extra love we put into our programs (all the amazing things we teach above and beyond) is meant help launch our alumni. Whether they want to open their own business or work for someone else.

We would love to have you for a tour of our beautiful campus. Learn all about our program, meet our wonderful students and instructors, and see if The Skin Care Academy of Florida is right for you!

What our students think...

A program that fits your life…


Our mission is to make you a well-rounded, marketable, and highly efficient Spa Professional. As much as we would love to inflate our program and keep you longer, we also know how important it is for you to get back to your lives and get working. Get in, get out, get to work – let’s do this!


Going to school is a big step. Choosing to take time away from your family, friends, and profession is not an easy decision. Your time is important to us, and with our flexible schedules, you’ll be able to fit school into a busy life.



How much is school going to cost you? Although they say a great education is invaluable, we all know when it comes to our personal budgets – that isn’t always the case.

Our program offers competitive pricing with other local beauty schools in the SWFL region. A Facial Specialty License and Massage License in our area can run anywhere between $3,000 – and $15,000.

But we’re still not telling you how much school is going to cost you!

That’s because blurting out a number that has no context, no value behind it, and no information about what makes us different doesn’t help anyone. There’s just no way for you to understand the value of your education unless you come by and see the program for yourself. Tour with us and let us talk you through why we do what we do, why we’re set up the way we’re set up, and let us see if we are a good fit for you, but also if you are a good fit for us.  


Pay as you go:

We offer easy-to-manage monthly payment plans to fit your budget.


Since we do not qualify for federal financial aid, instead we work with payment plans and personal lending to help get you financed! 

Small Class Sizes

We’re not here to pack you in like sardines as some other schools do. We’re here to create the next top spa professionals. We know small, intimate class-sizes are the key to a great education. It’s only through hands-on teaching by experienced professionals that leads to the best educational and quality outcomes. You’re a reflection of us – and when you’re out in the world killing it for this industry – we want you to be as properly equipped and knowledgeable about the spa industry as possible.

That’s why our class sizes are no more than 10 students currently. 

Ready to be part of the family?

Student Application:

Due to our small class sizes and limited enrollments, classes fill up fast. If you’d like to be considered for enrollment immediately, fill out our student application and an Admissions Representative will contact you to set up your enrollment date. 

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